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Tips for Beating Jet Lag


It an be fun to travel by air, but at the same time, it can draining. And among people's most common air travel-related experiences is jet lag. Jet lag is a condition in which your mind and body go out of zinc with the local time zone, such that they tell you sleep when it's time to be awake and vice versa. This phenomenon obviously happens when a traveler flies to a destination that has a different time one as the country he or she came from. For example, if where you come from and where you're going have time zones that are twelve hours apart, you may feel like you're too tired and that you need to go to sleep, even if it's only 1pm. Jet lag can be so bad that it can actually ruin your trip if you don't deal with it properly.


Add Water, Subtract Caffeine and Alcohol


While flying, it can be tempting to have some coffee or alcohol, but don't over do it. These drinks lead to dehydration, and with air inside a plane being dry, the effects will be all the more pronounced. Read further details about it at http://richlodging.com/backpackers-inn-chinatown. Dehydration is actually known to make jet lag worse. Make it a point to drink as much water as you can so your body can stay well-hydrated and more capable of managing the experience.


Sleeping the Flight Through


One of the easiest techniques that can help you avoid or deal with jet lag is simply sleeping your way through your flight.  This will provide your body adequate rest which you need in preparation for the new time zone. If you usually have a problem getting sleep on the plane, take along some sleeping aides. But remember, you're not supposed to take them unless you've been given prior clearance by your doctor.


No Daytime Sleep


You're likely to feel the worst of jet lag within your first two days of arriving in your destination. That means feeling so tired and sleepy during odd times during the day, like middle of the morning or late in the afternoon. Don't give in to the temptation of sleeping during daytime.


Force your body out of the time zone you're used to, and try your best to stay awake until it's the right time to sleep in that new time zone. To keep your body energized, you can engage in regular exercise. This improves your blood circulation and helps keep your mind focused. Jet lag can really create problems for you, whether your trip is for business or leisure purposes. That's because your body may have difficulty getting used to the changes. Still, when you try these tips, you'll find that jet lag can be, after all, manageable. If you need to get more info pertaining to this article, just visit our site.

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